What is the Skirting Radiator?
Skirting radiator, also known as skirting radiator, footing radiator, skirting heating or skirting heating, etc., radiator is the common name of heating radiator, so skirting heating is also called skirting heat dissipation The English name is: skirting radiator.
It has two functions, one is heating function, and the other is decoration function like ordinary skirting. Both are indispensable. Therefore, if it is too thick, it cannot be used as a skirting line. Not only does it have no decorative function, but it is placed in the position of the skirting line and hinders things, such as obstructing walking and obstructing the placement of furniture, such as the convection-type skirting electric heaters on the market. , The thickness is as high as 250mm, not only does not have decorative functions, but also ugly when placed on the skirting line, it is not the true meaning of skirting heating.
As a heating accessory, it is mainly because of its choice of aluminum material. Aluminum has a good thermal conductivity function, so it is superior to stainless steel and other materials in heating performance, and it is cheaper than copper metal in price.