• What is the Skirting Radiator?

    Skirting radiator, also known as skirting radiator, footing radiator, skirting heating or skirting heating, etc., radiator is the common name of heating radiator, so skirting heating is also called skirting heat dissipation The English name is: skirting radiator. It has two functions, one is heating function, and the other is…
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  • How to Installation of aluminum baseboard?

    Installation of aluminum baseboard: 1. Observe whether the ground and wall of the corner are flat, and if they are not flat, use a spatula to flatten them and clean them. 2. Saw a section of aluminum alloy skirting with a length of 10 cm, and clamp the buckle on…
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  • The Ceramic Tile Trim plays a decorative role.

    As a decorative line in building decoration, the Ceramic Tile Trim plays a decorative role in the 90-degree convex corner of the decorative tile. The commonly used materials are mainly stainless steel, PVC, and aluminum alloy. The bottom plate is often used as a surface, and a 90-degree arc is…
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  • The Tile Trim line is widely used in building decoration.

    Because of its simple installation and low cost, the Tile Trim line is widely used in building decoration. The most important thing is that the sun angle line can effectively protect the ceramic tiles and stones and reduce their collision in the 90-degree convex angle. If the corner line is…
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