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Aluminium Tile Trim
Aluminum LED Profile Aluminum Lighting Solution

1. The design is more aesthetic. There are many artistic design techniques for lighting. Among them, adjusting the brightness and angle of light and shadow is a common technique used by designers. It can outline the contours of objects, enrich the layers and pictures of works, create a sense of spatial hierarchy, give space depth and a sense of three-dimensionality, and make the design more effective. More beauty.

2. It is an extraordinary visual experience. Polished marble is the most common type of stone slab surface, with high-end texture, specular luster, and strong reflection of light. The application with lighting can be said to maximize the artistic beauty of marble and enrich the work. Layers and images bring an extraordinary visual experience.

3. The spatial effect is different. Different lighting brightness, different angles, combined with marble can create a space atmosphere and create different space effects. It can be a clean and concise space, or a space with cool personality.

Aluminum alloy Led, easy to install, maintain and firm. It is the best choice for stair anti-skid strips and stair lighting atmosphere.

The design trend of the past two years: see the light but not the light. The indirect lighting of the LED light strip provides linear lighting for our moving lines. The light is soft and not dazzling, which is convenient for getting up at night and presents a romantic atmosphere.

We provide aluminum frame design and production. And a complete set of lighting solutions. welcome to contact us.


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  • Square Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim & Aluminium Edging For Tiles
    Square Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim & Aluminium Edging For Tiles
    The materials used to make the profiles for tiles and coverings are also all-purpose, designed to design a delightful works for customers. 
  • T Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim
    T Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim
    T Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim.T Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim is a range of connecting profile, designed to protect sections of tile, marble or wood flooring, Protect the surface of profile at uniform height, It can protect the cutting surface of tile, wood floor or marble from corrosion, and can also perfectly hide the cutting trace of different profile splicing.The stitching of different materials will not appear abrupt, resulting in the collision of beauty, so that designers can have more creation.T Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim makes different profiles can collide with different design styles. The delicate edge of the surface can cover the edge of different profiles, embellishing a special design language. Hero metal has different T-shaped sizes and hundreds of colors for designers to choose. Our design language is to make the edges of different profiles have delicate trimming.The appearance of T Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim can greatly improve the designer's style. The ever-changing surface color makes the stitching of different materials more gorgeous. The design style that never existed is now showing itself to consumers. The narrowest surface width can be up to 3mm, the simple design style makes the lines better integrate into the background
  • L Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim
    L Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim
    L Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim.L Shaped Aluminum Tile Trim is used to seal and protect the external corners and edges of tiles or boards. It is suggested to use L-shaped products to prevent the unsightly 45 degree angle when two tiles meet. The appearance of this profile makes the splicing of different panel materials no longer afraid of edge treatment, and architect can show their talent.L shaped aluminum tile trim can also be used in different edge treatments. Everything depends on the architect 's inspiration. It has hundreds of colors on its surface. Architect can choose different color combinations according to different materials to truly achieve the unity of color sense. Different surfaces have different spraying process, can ensure that your deign is unique, crown the industry.L shaped aluminum tile trim can beautify the edge and make all kinds of edges get the best decoration. Hero Metal is committed to improving the edge decoration problems. The 90 degree decorative surface can be completely transformed, and the overall decoration style can be improved with metal tile trim. The decoration of the edge is no longer limited to the uniform tile or flooring, which can create different beauty.
  • Rounded Corner Aluminum Tile Trim
    Rounded Corner Aluminum Tile Trim
    Rounded Corner Aluminum Tile Trim.Contemporary interior design emphasizes the transition of rounded edge. Hero metal has designed Rounded Corner Aluminum Tile Trim for this purpose, which can protect the edge of ceramic tile and increase aesthetic feeling. It emphasizes mellow design language instead of traditional stone plastic material. This product can be used in wall, bedroom and bathroom. The special treatment of the surface makes it possible to blend into the color of the tiles and increase the overall consistency.Rounded corner aluminum tile trim can be used to seal both sides of 90 degree ceramic tile and protect the edge of ceramic tile. The special arc shape can make the edge have better transition effect and provide different specification. The surface treatment can choose the color matching close to the ceramic tile. The problem of closing that must be met in the design. "Closing" can not only make up for the lack of decoration construction, but also enhance the decoration effect. The good material and style of closing can make the design itself to a great extent.Rounded corner aluminum tile trim creates a handsome edge closing effect for the external corner of the wall. The smooth circle can be applied to various main materials of different materials. In addition to the protection function, they can also be used to enhance the design effect. They can be applied to tile, carpet or stone skirting or dividing line effects. High quality corner pieces are used for connecting lines.
  • Aluminum Edge Trim Aluminum Tile Trim
    Aluminum Edge Trim Aluminum Tile Trim
    With the improvement of people's requirements for home beauty, the style is no longer single: some people like simple and romantic northern Europe, while others like the Japanese style of pastoral songs; Recently, another style has swept the decoration industry, that is, light luxury style. Tile trim's simple, soft, light and luxurious home hardcover lines abandon complex elements and replace them with simpler, strong straight lines and soft and beautiful arcs to outline a pure space.The aluminum edge trim is mainly used as a cover seam in the wood floor decoration. The main function of the closing strip of the wooden floor is used to connect the floor outside the door at the doorway and play a transitional role. The rise of aluminum alloy edge trims has changed the previous situation where there were only composite and copper edge trims.
  • Extruded Aluminum Profile Aluminum Tile Trim
    Extruded Aluminum Profile Aluminum Tile Trim
    Extruded aluminum profile is a commonly used frame material in daily life. We often squeeze him into the ideal shape under high temperature conditions. Aluminum alloy itself has good moisture-proof, fire-proof, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, sturdy and durable characteristics. For the surface treatment process, we often use electroplating, spraying, wire drawing, anode, sandblasting, passivation, polishing, oxide film treatment and other treatment processes.
  • Aluminum Skirting Wall Skirting Board
    Aluminum Skirting Wall Skirting Board
    Creating a sense of light luxury requires a little luxury, such as "time fermenter" - aluminum skirting is widely used on any wall with its exquisite, retro and shiny materialsThe aluminum alloy skirting board is the structure of the junction between the inner side of the outer wall and both sides of the inner wall and the indoor floor. The role of the skirting line is to prevent the wall from being polluted when sweeping the floor, and the main function is to prevent moisture and protect the corners. Aluminum baseboard is currently a hot product in the baseboard market. Why has it developed so quickly in less than a few years after it came out?
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